Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rainy Days..

Week before school starts, really not much going on. Im so bored I am going to bed at like 9 every night, really trying to find things to do to take up time. Really, you can only run so much, and lift so many weights (as a distance runner). Its been raining again the past few days, this moning I ran some 1000's on the practice fields with Houston. The ground was so mushy, somtimes I had trouble with the footing, kind of funny to listen to my feet squish around in my shoes on all the turns. My mood was pretty good to, some one was going to have to run me over with a truck to make me quit. Good week so far.

I think official team practice starts tomorrow. HOustons men look pretty fit, anorexic looking as always. Thats the way he likes them to. I think he takes it as a complement or something, everytime I tell him that his men need to be thrown a sandwich now and then...

Monday: AM: 1hr 40min run, yoga, situps
Tuesday: AM: 58:30 min run(6:45-6:20 pace) situps
Wednesday: AM: 2 mile w/u, 6 X1000m on practice fields, 3 mile c/d
PM: 3 miles at 7min pace, weights, situps
Thursday: AM: 1hr 13min (10miles) PM: yoga, and ab work

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