Wednesday, August 6, 2008


This morning I had a pretty good workout so I thought I should go ahead and post!
I was suppose to run 400s, keep in mind I have not run a 400 workout in so long I cant even remember, not the last year anyways! So I was pleased with the way this one went. We ran them on the research park loop. Houston marked two 400's, from the start of the regular mile, backwards so that we would not have to include the big hill. There fore the 1st 2-400's were fast, the second two were slower, being that they were on a gradual incline. I ran 4 sets of 4, so 16 total. I was pretty waxed when I finished, think I was between 74 and 75 on the first two of each set, then I was about 77-78 on the next to of each set. Thats about right, given the terrian. I took 60 sec between each, and 5 min between sets because I was not used to the workout.
I was pleased with it! got done just in time for another 110 degree day!

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