Friday, August 22, 2008

Long week..

First week of school and I pretty tired. We received our consulting project this week so I am planning on being pretty busy for a while.
Time trial went good, allot of guys in the low 19's so that was nice to watch. My workout went pretty good to.

Wednesday: AM: 30min PM: 2mile warm up, on mug shots so first two miles are typically up hill and slow
1 mile: 5:30, 1 mile 5:20, 1200m 3:58, 1200m 3:59, 800m 2:34 , 800m 2:34
3min rest between, 3.5 mile cool down
Thursday: AM: 30min easy PM: 41min easy, stetch and abs (tired)
Friday: AM: 56min (good) PM: not sure yet

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