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Booh! No 10k Coverage?? WHAT THE F&*^!!!

SO this morning HOuston and I were trying to watch the mens 10k before church, and we could not find it anywhere! I was so angry, three Americans in the Race and no station was even playing it! There was water polo, table tennis, and volleyball, NO AMERICANS in any of those events, but 3 in the 10k and they still would not play it.
Finally we found it on some Denmark internet site, my new labtop played it pretty well. Was a pretty good race!
Kinda upset about the marathon, Kastor dropped out with a foot injury, and Paula has been hurt for three freakin months. Got pretty excited for the finish though... at least the fight for silver was pretty good...was really cheering for Ndereba, shes always so cool and collected. I was waiting for her to try and catch the leader. I was really surprised they let her get away.

Sunday: AM: 1hr 45min (about 14 or so)

~ 80 miles for the week..


Jesse A. said…
There was decent nbc coverage late that night...Good job to the americans!!!
mfranks said…
Yeah..I realised that later! I justed wanted it live, what can I say. I was pretty impressed, actually, when we did see it in English!

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