Sunday, August 10, 2008

1 week till class starts back!!!

Well its sunday, so I now have on week till the last semester in my masters program...possibly. Still deciding if I will persue a minor or not. This week has been alright, I ran the ELvis Presley INternational 5k in Memphis on saturday. I was 2nd in a pretty good field so over all I was pleased....still made a really bad decision tactically at about 1.5 miles...but it was only a road race, the prize purse was not enough to get really upset about.

Wednesday: AM: 2.5 m w/u 16X400m on research, 1m c/d
Thursday: AM: 61min run (felt pretty good) PM:30min run w/ yoga and abs
Friday: AM: 31min run (tight) PM: 26min (tight)
Saturday: 2m w/u, 5k road race, (2nd) 42min c/d
Sunday: AM: 79min run PM: yoga and abs

~about 71 miles

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