Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ready for Running Camp

Sunday I leave for running camp in North Carolina. Im excited about it, it will be a change from the office and the 100 degrees in the afternoon. I will be gone from sunday to saturday. SUpposably the running is beautiful, but pretty tough because we ill be in the mountains. I think anything beats 100 degrees w/ 100% humidity.
The week finished off pretty good, except this morning I woke up pretty stiff and tired. I did a pretty hard workout last night so that was probably the reason.
continuing last weeks post...
Friday: AM: 30min, PM: 43min (legs hurting)
Saturday: AM:2mile w/u, 1mile c/d 5mile tempo run on the Ackerman loop (hot)
PM: 30min xt, weights, (legs, arms, abs)
Sunday: 72min (felt better after half)
Monday: AM: 11 miles on south farm (hilly) (10.5 in 1hr12min)
Tuesday:AM: 40min w/ strides on big turf PM: 42min (about 7min pace) weights (arms, legs, abs)
Wednesday:AM:40min PM:1.5mile w/u, 10min c/d, 5min,3min,5min,3min,5min,3min,5min hard w/ 90-2min recovery
Thursday:60min (50xt,10t) legs hurting

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