Friday, July 11, 2008

O'Neil gets 3rd at Worlds

HOuston told me last night that O'Neil Wilder ended up with a 3rd place finish at world juniors in the 400 this past week. I was pretty happy for him, its been a very interesting year for Mr.Wilder, he has really become a name in track and field quite quickly. Really good kid to, in my opinion.

Anyways, been tight on and off all week, also been running hard to so that may be the cause of it.
Wednesday: 1hr 35minutes
Thursday: AM: 37minutes w/ Houston, pretty quick pace, bout 7min pace mostly, a bit quicker over the last mile
PM: 40 minutes at 7:10-6:40 pace
Friday: AM:30min PM:45min-60min (planned)
Saturday: Planned tempo run
trying to get 75-80 miles this week

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