Monday, June 23, 2008

Not much

Back and hip is acting up a bit so I am just going to do what ever I want this week.... not much else to write, got a couple of projects to do... anyways Ill just post the training even though its nothing interesting...

Saturday: 9miles w/ 7miles in about 45 minutes (about 6:26 pace) really hot!
PM: 20 minutes w/ 4X30 sec strides, situps, pushups, leg lifts
Sunday: AM: 45 minutes (did not get up early enough because it was like 95 degrees!
PM: 50min w/ 30min xt & 20min 7:45-6:35 mile pace (mostly at the 7ish)
abs and stuff

Monday: 66 min relaxed (hip tight, probably from yesterday)

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