Monday, June 9, 2008

5:30am no thanks!

SO its pretty hot here in the summer, went for a run last week at 3 oclcok in the afternoon with Houston and I almost pastout. He cant run in the mornings because his achilles is to tight, or hes to damn lazy. Anyways, today I met any at the track for my long run, I ended up pretty dehydrated after about 10 miles, so I struggled for next 20 ish minutes, so I only went 1hr 30. Last few days I have only been running 45 minutes a day because of my hip. I dont remember drinking much water this past weekend. Lately I have been finishing every run with a river of sweat pouring down my face. Its like 100 degrees with the heat index.
Good for us Canadians.
Last week was an injury week. But I will post it anyway. No hard stuff just running.

Sunday: AM 50min XT, PM: 20min XT and weights
Monday: 90minutes LR
Tuesday: Am: 45 min recovery
Wednesday: 80minutes MLR, strides in turf room last mile
Thursday: 50minutes, strides
Friday: AM: 20min PM: 30min (hip bad today)
Saturday: 45min
Sunday: 45min, and drills
Monday: 90minutes w/ Annie

I have no idea how this week is going to go.

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