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Ridgeland Half Marathon

Headed to Jackson tomorrow to run another half. Going to be hot as heck for Mississippi in June so I dont expect it to go very good. Also, my tempos have been short and infrequent, and my fast stuff has been well, and I think for halfs I would probably want that reveresed. Im not running much this week because I am expecting to get heat stroke and dehydration on saturday. Seriously a half marathon in June in MISSISSIPPI. We will see how this goes.

Anyways, running this week, even though I posted some already:

Monday: 1hr6min with strides
Tuesday: 45minutes with strides
Wednesday: AM:30min PM:15minw/u 15minc/d, 3mile/1mile
3miles in 18:15 (6:05 pace) 3min jog, 1 mile in 5:21 awesome!

Not much

Back and hip is acting up a bit so I am just going to do what ever I want this week.... not much else to write, got a couple of projects to do... anyways Ill just post the training even though its nothing interesting...

Saturday: 9miles w/ 7miles in about 45 minutes (about 6:26 pace) really hot!
PM: 20 minutes w/ 4X30 sec strides, situps, pushups, leg lifts
Sunday: AM: 45 minutes (did not get up early enough because it was like 95 degrees!
PM: 50min w/ 30min xt & 20min 7:45-6:35 mile pace (mostly at the 7ish)
abs and stuff

Monday: 66 min relaxed (hip tight, probably from yesterday)

Achilles Issues..But I can handle it

Since my workouts have al of a sudden gotten better, my achilles has been acing up. Today I was about to do 10 miles at a progressive pace, but started off about 30 sec per mile faster than I should have, only to have my achilles so tight I cut it down to seven. I was hot as crap anyway, I dont think the workout was absolutely neccesairy anyway, I race in a week. I just need to be cautious. This is what sat me out for almost 7 months last year.

Anyways: Good running still, besides today, but today was not to terrible.

Wednesday: AM: 30min
PM: A true VO2 max workout!Lol! 2mw/u, 2mc/d 4X800m aw/ 3 minutes rest on mugshots loop. 2:35, 2:39, 2:28, 2:31 not bad, but I was suppose to finish with some 200's but I was limping so I just jogged.
Thursday: AM:30min XT
PM: 60minutes on north farm
Friday: 70minutes + strides (from house)
Sat: 9miles w/ 7miles in about 45 minutes (about 6:26 pace) really hot!
PM: planned easy run and weights
Sunday: not sure

Good Week

My hip has been alot better, which means my workouts have been improving. Saturdays work out left me really sore for a few days so my long run did not go as good as I would have liked it to. Did not really get in as much running as I would have liked to yesterday, because we were going to play poker with all the other MBA's. Eventually, we ended up staying till close to midnight which means I did not get up in time to meet the girls for my 5-6 miles. Guess I will have to get my priorities I think I will just make it up this afternoon.
Tonite I have some 800's and some 200's with a distance run after words. Doing the 8's on the mugshots loop, and the 200's probably backwords on the track. Houston is running the whole workout with me so I am pretty excited about that. workouts always go better when someone is running them with me.

Sunday: 45minutes easy
Monday: 1hr 40 minutes (legs really sore) bout 40 minutes w/ the girls
Tuesday: AM: wake up jog (legs …

What a relief! Finally a good workout

After a few months of being impatient and freakin out in the middle of most my workouts, I finally have a good workout! This week went so mcuh better than I expected. My hip is not bothering me, my achilles is a little tight, but finally, I may be able to start training normally again... hopefully. I am suppose to race a half marathon in about 2 weeks so to finally start running good again is very relieving.

Saturday: am: 3miles easy PM: 2mile wu/2mile c/d 5x 1 mile on the roads (mugshots loop) w/ 90 sec rest. 5:42,5:46,5:42, 5:29, 5:30 (very last mile had no mark so just ran for time)
felt so much better after this workout.

Headaches & School Projects

This week has been pretty rough. Had a project to finish and two exams and I have been really just dont feel that motivated to study. I think this week has been the first time in a long time that I studied for an exam a day before instead of a week before. ANyways, running has been ok this week since this monday. Getting dehydrated during my long run really did a number on my body, I have had headaches all week, no appetite, and I have been super tired. I think I am almost over it though. I just need to be better about somethings.

Tuesday: AM: 37min xt/ PM: 42 min on trails
Wednesday: AM: 1hr 16 min w/ 3miles at 6 min pace, 1/2 mile jog, 2miles at 6min pace, 1/2mile jog, 1 mile at 6min pace, on south farm so really hilly
Thursday: AM: 40min xt/PM: 45min xt and weights and abs
Friday: AM: 20min jog PM: 60min at good clip, strides. (finished just in time to watch the bottom fall out. when it rains in mississippi, it floods.)
Saturday: planned workout
Sunday: med-long run

5:30am no thanks!

SO its pretty hot here in the summer, went for a run last week at 3 oclcok in the afternoon with Houston and I almost pastout. He cant run in the mornings because his achilles is to tight, or hes to damn lazy. Anyways, today I met any at the track for my long run, I ended up pretty dehydrated after about 10 miles, so I struggled for next 20 ish minutes, so I only went 1hr 30. Last few days I have only been running 45 minutes a day because of my hip. I dont remember drinking much water this past weekend. Lately I have been finishing every run with a river of sweat pouring down my face. Its like 100 degrees with the heat index.
Good for us Canadians.
Last week was an injury week. But I will post it anyway. No hard stuff just running.

Sunday: AM 50min XT, PM: 20min XT and weights
Monday: 90minutes LR
Tuesday: Am: 45 min recovery
Wednesday: 80minutes MLR, strides in turf room last mile
Thursday: 50minutes, strides
Friday: AM: 20min PM: 30min (hip bad today)
Saturday: 45min
Sunday: 45min, and drills