Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My hip really has not gotten any I was suppose to run mile reps at 10k pace...something that should not really irritate my butt. However, Houston pulled me after 3, he said I was running on my tip toes, my mechanics are horrible. After this weekend, I am taking two weeks of singles, just miles no workouts and maybe I can get this thing under control. Just as I sit here by butt is cramping up bad. I will just survive on saturday and hopefully I can get it control. I have almost two months where I do not need to race.

Well lets see... I guess I can post some training, it has not been awful....

Saturday: 10k race in Greenville (jogged entire thing because of hip) 1st
Sunday: AM: 60 min easy PM: 30min , 7min pace
Monday: 12.5 miles at 7:14 pace
Tuesday: AM 30min PM 35min with last mile doing strides w/o shoes on the turf room
Wednesday: 20 min warmup, 3x1 mile at 10k goal pace, 10 min c/d
( was suppose to be 5 but Im hurt and it was a bad day..could not even cool down..been having alot of those)

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