Saturday, May 10, 2008

Some relief

I do not recommend it but Houston has been rubbing DMSO on my injured left cheek. You really have to get the area very clean, and make sure the clothing you wear is also very clean. It is not even approved for human use, but I got me to 2nd place at Gum Tree this weekend, a pretty profitable weekend, with a $600 check for second, and another $1000 for winning the Grand Prix. I did just go out for a sunday stroll and jog, I ran relaxed the whole way, I picked it up the last 400 to sprint for the finish, I had alot in the tank today. Hopefully I can get this hip problem under control in the next few weeks, I would rather not jog anymore races.

The mens race as stacked, Travis just barely made the top ten, even after running a 30:40 on the roads the week before. 5 guys went under 30 minutes. Big race for the men.
As for the women, the lady that finished third was actually 50 years old. I looked her up and for the time she ran today, she would have been ranked 3rd in the world in 2007. I was so impressed.

I think I am taking two weeks off from racing and speed work, just to get my hip calmed down a bit. results of Gum Tree...

For the last few days:
Thursday: Am:62 minutes at 7:00-7:30 pace
Friday: 50 min relaxed
Saturday: 20minwarm up/ 10k Race (2nd)/15min cool down

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