Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SEC Outdoor Meet- Fast Times

I got back from the SEC meet yesterday morning, around 2am, I was so destroyed. After work I slept until 5 oclock. Anyways, the meet went fabulous, we had kids in ever final from the 100, 200, 400H (2), 800 (2), 1500 (2), and the 5k there were some massive PR's, also in the 10k, it was a great meet. 3 men ran a new SEC meet record in the 10k, 28:23. Suicide fast at the start, so was the 5 as well. Houston had three kids run PR's to qualify for the 1500 final (they were originally ranked like 18th or so in the conference) 3:48, 3:50, 3:50. Its nice to have a whole team of 3:50 guys I think, especially the three being so young.

Anyways, this week I think I am still going to try to get my hip back. I dont want to race, just want to train. Last week was going really well until I got really sick towards the end of the week and missed my long run. I did have two longer runs last week so I think i am still ok.

Wednesday: AM:25minutes PM: 60 minutes w/5X2min, 1min, 30sec w/ 90sec,1min,30sec rec
Thursday: AM: AM: 64 minutes good pace
Friday: 80 minutes w/ 3X15min hard, 5 min easy
Saturday: 50minutes
Sunday: 70 min (felt awful)
Monday: 45min (felt awful)
Tuesday: 15min w/u, 20min c/d 4miles at goal Half Marathon Pace (6:15) +10min of diagnals on the football field
**my mechanics are still not good so we are being pretty cautious with workouts

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