Wednesday, May 14, 2008

SEC MEET- Road Trip

Thursday I am heading to AUburn to watch the SEC meet. I am not a fan of Auburns track, that is why I love Penn and Texas, because there is a Starbucks down the street. Its sad that the location of the nearest Starbucks is what determines which track is better for me. Anyways, my hip is feeling better and Houston still will not let me work out. Im just running hard this week, and doing fartleks and tempo's. Hes always right when it comes to running, no matter what. Thats probably why he is such a good coach.
I am still contemplating running cotton row on memorial day, and a race in new orleans next friday. I guess it really depends how I feel on monday. I really dont have to decide until that morning. I think travis is planning on going so I may. Its a mile, 5k with the 5k 20 minutes after the mile. Interesting to see how things will go.
The weather is really nice here. Its not quite to hot yet, I like this weather, not sweating immediatly when I walk outside after work. Thats pretty good.
Oh, btw...Yesterday I watched HOustons men run a 4X400m workout in 52's. I think his milers might be ready! I am more excited about his little freshman in the 10k, he ran 30:24 this year, after being a 15:42 guy out of high school. Hes got some very hard working men, I cant wait to watch them all race.

Sunday: AM: 50 min run w/ light strides
Monday: AM: 90 min run w/ 50 minutes hard/ 7X1min fast w/ 90 jog
Tuesday: AM: 51 minutes (felt sick) PM:20 minutes ( quad super tight)

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