Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mississippi Heat

Its been pretty hot a humid here, and if its not hot its raining. And its always humid. Houston and I check the humidity index and if it is somewere in the 90% range than its ok to do a workout. FABULOUS. Anyways, it takes a few weeks to get used to, wether you go out for 20 minutes or 2 hours you come back supping wet, your hair all in knots (if you have long hair) anything cotton gets stretched out to a size XL, and cold showers become the norm.
Training has been going ok, not much work and no classes so basically my day consists of running, half day of work, and a visit to the chiro. Oh and if I can make myself go, a weight session or an evening run (the weight session I dont care for to much). And a large amount of sleep....
since last post

Wednesday: AM: 83 minutes from house PM: warm up run and running drills, situps, hip mobility drills
Thursday: 69 minutes w/ 8X 60-70sec hill sprints, 2X 1500m hard, c/d
Friday: AM: 64 minutes w/ 6 miles progresive (start at 6:59 down to 6:30), 1 mile of strides in the turf room
Saturday: 2 mile w/u 2 m c/d 8X800m w/ 1 minute rest
start at 10k pace, work down to 5k pace
2:55, 2:50,2:49, 2:46,2:45,2:44,2:44,2:40
Sunday: AM 53 min, PM: 34min

Monday: 1 hr 40 min run w/ 5 miles progressive in the middle (6:45-6:30) triple digit humidty

Tuesday: AM: 36 minutes PM: 34 minutes, weights

Wednesday: w/u (ran with the wheel to mark my course...some one stole my cone for the 400m split, why would some one steal a cone? for what purpose is one pylone good for?) c/d was not much because I waisted to much time marking my course...
2km, 1 mile, 1200m, 800m, 400m ,200m, 200m 2-3 min rest (start at 10k pace, work down to 5k pace....didnt get down to 5k pace until about the 400...really not a good workout or I am not very good with the wheel...hopefully it is the later, as I kept messing up, not a very good wheeler... it was also pouring rain and 100% humidity

Thursday: 80minutes --at a pretty good pace, 1 mile of strides in the turf room (no shoes)

sorry about all the colors.

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