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Back Issues

Not sure why, but things have still not been going to well for me and my hip problem. I am not sure what the plan is for next week but the last two days have been impossible.

Friday AM: 30 min PM: 25min, 2X200m FAST, 4X100 (stride fast)
Saturday AM: 35 min PM: 6 miles, w/ 5 miles at easy tempo (32 min) this is about all I can do without my hip tightening up.

Houston is about to shut me down, I think he is right. I am not getting anything out of these useless workouts. I guess we will see....

Mississippi Heat

Its been pretty hot a humid here, and if its not hot its raining. And its always humid. Houston and I check the humidity index and if it is somewere in the 90% range than its ok to do a workout. FABULOUS. Anyways, it takes a few weeks to get used to, wether you go out for 20 minutes or 2 hours you come back supping wet, your hair all in knots (if you have long hair) anything cotton gets stretched out to a size XL, and cold showers become the norm.
Training has been going ok, not much work and no classes so basically my day consists of running, half day of work, and a visit to the chiro. Oh and if I can make myself go, a weight session or an evening run (the weight session I dont care for to much). And a large amount of sleep....
since last post

Wednesday: AM: 83 minutes from house PM: warm up run and running drills, situps, hip mobility drills
Thursday: 69 minutes w/ 8X 60-70sec hill sprints, 2X 1500m hard, c/d
Friday: AM: 64 minutes w/ 6 miles progresive (start at 6:59 down to 6:30), 1 m…

SEC Outdoor Meet- Fast Times

I got back from the SEC meet yesterday morning, around 2am, I was so destroyed. After work I slept until 5 oclock. Anyways, the meet went fabulous, we had kids in ever final from the 100, 200, 400H (2), 800 (2), 1500 (2), and the 5k there were some massive PR's, also in the 10k, it was a great meet. 3 men ran a new SEC meet record in the 10k, 28:23. Suicide fast at the start, so was the 5 as well. Houston had three kids run PR's to qualify for the 1500 final (they were originally ranked like 18th or so in the conference) 3:48, 3:50, 3:50. Its nice to have a whole team of 3:50 guys I think, especially the three being so young.

Anyways, this week I think I am still going to try to get my hip back. I dont want to race, just want to train. Last week was going really well until I got really sick towards the end of the week and missed my long run. I did have two longer runs last week so I think i am still ok.

Wednesday: AM:25minutes PM: 60 minutes w/5X2min, 1min, 30sec w/ 90sec,1mi…

SEC MEET- Road Trip

Thursday I am heading to AUburn to watch the SEC meet. I am not a fan of Auburns track, that is why I love Penn and Texas, because there is a Starbucks down the street. Its sad that the location of the nearest Starbucks is what determines which track is better for me. Anyways, my hip is feeling better and Houston still will not let me work out. Im just running hard this week, and doing fartleks and tempo's. Hes always right when it comes to running, no matter what. Thats probably why he is such a good coach.
I am still contemplating running cotton row on memorial day, and a race in new orleans next friday. I guess it really depends how I feel on monday. I really dont have to decide until that morning. I think travis is planning on going so I may. Its a mile, 5k with the 5k 20 minutes after the mile. Interesting to see how things will go.
The weather is really nice here. Its not quite to hot yet, I like this weather, not sweating immediatly when I walk outside after work. Thats prett…

Some relief

I do not recommend it but Houston has been rubbing DMSO on my injured left cheek. You really have to get the area very clean, and make sure the clothing you wear is also very clean. It is not even approved for human use, but I got me to 2nd place at Gum Tree this weekend, a pretty profitable weekend, with a $600 check for second, and another $1000 for winning the Grand Prix. I did just go out for a sunday stroll and jog, I ran relaxed the whole way, I picked it up the last 400 to sprint for the finish, I had alot in the tank today. Hopefully I can get this hip problem under control in the next few weeks, I would rather not jog anymore races.

The mens race as stacked, Travis just barely made the top ten, even after running a 30:40 on the roads the week before. 5 guys went under 30 minutes. Big race for the men.
As for the women, the lady that finished third was actually 50 years old. I looked her up and for the time she ran today, she would have been ranked 3rd in the world in 2007. I wa…


My hip really has not gotten any I was suppose to run mile reps at 10k pace...something that should not really irritate my butt. However, Houston pulled me after 3, he said I was running on my tip toes, my mechanics are horrible. After this weekend, I am taking two weeks of singles, just miles no workouts and maybe I can get this thing under control. Just as I sit here by butt is cramping up bad. I will just survive on saturday and hopefully I can get it control. I have almost two months where I do not need to race.

Well lets see... I guess I can post some training, it has not been awful....

Saturday: 10k race in Greenville (jogged entire thing because of hip) 1st
Sunday: AM: 60 min easy PM: 30min , 7min pace
Monday: 12.5 miles at 7:14 pace
Tuesday: AM 30min PM 35min with last mile doing strides w/o shoes on the turf room
Wednesday: 20 min warmup, 3x1 mile at 10k goal pace, 10 min c/d
( was suppose to be 5 but Im hurt and it was a bad day..could not even cool down..been having…