Wednesday, April 9, 2008

%&$# workout

Its not like I totally hate Mile repeats, but it is the workout that if your not fit enough to do, it would be better to not try. The workout went really well, accept for the 3rd interval where I just fell off the edge of the earth or something, I dont know.
Anyways I have been doing very little track work, at least from years prior, and not much under 10k pace or current 5k pace. So I had 4 by a mile at goal 5k pace, and it hurt! But I was happy with the results because this is the workout that always gets better after you get the first one out of the way.

Monday: AM: ligh Jog PM: 61minutes with last mile strides on the turf room, stretching and abs
Tuesday: AM: (ok like 10:40am but morning anyway) 15mw/u & 15mc/d 4X1 mile on the mugshots loop 5:38, 5:22, 5:40, 5:19 PM: 3 miles barefoot and medball circuit

The first mile was concervative on purpose, I had a head wind and lots of traffic, the third mile I was just to cautious through the intersections, but the 2nd mile and last I just hammered it. I felt great!
I recruited Houston to run with me today...maybe he will help my pidling pace

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