Wednesday, April 16, 2008

update just to update

Really not much has been going on. Just a little busy at work and I have finals coming up, and a term paper to write. This week I have been told I need to take it easy, since I was around 80 miles last week and my legs have been useless....I need to find some new shoes to. I found some interesting ones for forefoot runners, there really expensive but I think I may try them out. I am running a low key 5k this weekend, kind of a time trial sort of, I ran it last year so I am going to run it this year and see if I have any improvement. Last year I was beat by two men so I want to win the whole thing.
I was so excited a female finally won biggest loser last night! Yeay for women!

Thursday: AM: 20-30minutes PM:70 minutes with stretch
Friday: AM 30 min, PM 2 mile warmup, 3 mile cood down, 5 mile tempo run (suppose to be 8 but I had some hamstring issues so Houston made me cut it short)
Saturday: AM: 80 minutes with last 5 miles at harder pace
Sunday: 1hr 41 minutes. felt awful the whole time
Monday: AM:weights PM:40 minutes relaxed
TUesday: Am:40 minutes, PM: warmups and stretch
Wednesday: AM:30 minutes PM: 2 mile warmup, fartlek, 10,4,4,3,3,2,2,1,1, with 1/2 interval recovery, 2 mile cood down (killer hard!0
Houston ran the fartlek with me, I was dying, he left after the 3 minutes segments and I basically just survived till the end, was a very challenging workout!

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