Monday, April 7, 2008

Butt Cramp

Seriously, Any one that knows piraformis knows what I have been talking about. Its been acting up again, and yesterday during my long run it was so tight that I actually ran to the track, ran a few miles in the opposite direction, and had to run alot of trails. This morning It feels better, I have been using Blue Emu and a really strong anti-inflammatory that I used when I had the achilles problem last year. It makes me real tired but this morning I did a shake out and my legs felt fine.
I found a Duathalon (sp?) in Alabama, I am tempted to jump in it. I havent been on my bike in a while but I am pretty good on the bike. My biggest problem is that I get so sore if I try to ride it and run 70-80 miles a week. SO I dont ride it. And currently, there is a birds nest in my bike helmet and I made Houston Check last night and there are definetly baby birdys in I am not about to move it... I will just purchase a new helmet.

Sunday: 2hrs 12 minute run (17-18 miles) no idea how far I ran
Monday: AM: ligh Jog PM: Planned distance run, strides, and circuit

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