Saturday, April 5, 2008

Back from New Orleans

So I talked Travis into running the New Orleans Track Club Bridge Run today. Of course, alot of pretty good runners showed up and I really had to work pretty hard. I was still destroyed from that half in Knoxville so I ran a piddling slow 18:00. A little upsetting but I banked a few bucks and got some cookies and Gumbo out of it. Travis was 2nd as well and had to work. It was a close race, I just couldnt seem to close the gap, basically we both kind of had the same problem, couldnt close the gap but I did not get any bigger. ANyways, he ran 15:05 not a bad morning, we jogged 4-5 miles got some diet coke and drove to the French Quarter to meet Lauren and her B/F for an au lait at Cafe De Monde. A very fun trip! I am so happy Travis drove with me.

I am going to work on getting my miledge back up to 80--85 for the next few weeks.
Tomorrows run will be super long, over 2 hours because I feel like I need to drain the tank...
Since last sunday, lets see...

Monday: AM: 30 min light WALK (my quads were tight), PM: 60 min with diagnals on the turf room during last mile
Tuesday: AM: 75min run with stride on the turf room
Wednesday: AM:30min, PM: 2mile warm up/ 2 mile cool down--3X800m at goal 5k pace, 2 rest, 4X600m at 3-5k pace, 2rest, 4X400m at goal 3k pace, 2 rest.
Legs were not copperating but I hit my times, I just had to put forth more effort than usual.
Thursday: AM: 61 min run, PM:10min warmup/ weights, abs, med ball drills
Friday: 55min easy (hamstring so tight I could barely run)
Saturday: 2-3 mile warmup/ 5k in 18:00/4-5mile cool down
Sunday: planned super long run

pretty easy week...hamstring is acting up so I am trying to calm down a bit...

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