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I have been having alot of problems with my left hamstring lately so I have not done anything of any significance lately, 2 weeks at around 60 miles, the reduced miles did not do anything but make me feel crappy and fat, so I am going back up to 75 ish.
I ran a low key 5k the other weekend, and it was horrible and last weekend I took travis to Oxford o race the Double decker. The course was not well marked and many were not at there posts so travis went over two minutes in the wrong direction. I was constantly turning around and yelling to the guy behind me. We ran terribly slow, (I did purposly because my hamstring was so tight I limped) and with all the confusion in which way to go all we really tried to do was win.....which was extremely easy. All we really have to do is show up and give a little effort in the next two races to win.

I starting going to a new doctor this week. hoefully that will …

update just to update

Really not much has been going on. Just a little busy at work and I have finals coming up, and a term paper to write. This week I have been told I need to take it easy, since I was around 80 miles last week and my legs have been useless....I need to find some new shoes to. I found some interesting ones for forefoot runners, there really expensive but I think I may try them out. I am running a low key 5k this weekend, kind of a time trial sort of, I ran it last year so I am going to run it this year and see if I have any improvement. Last year I was beat by two men so I want to win the whole thing.
I was so excited a female finally won biggest loser last night! Yeay for women!

Thursday: AM: 20-30minutes PM:70 minutes with stretch
Friday: AM 30 min, PM 2 mile warmup, 3 mile cood down, 5 mile tempo run (suppose to be 8 but I had some hamstring issues so Houston made me cut it short)
Saturday: AM: 80 minutes with last 5 miles at harder pace
Sunday: 1hr 41 minutes. felt awful the whole time

%&$# workout

Its not like I totally hate Mile repeats, but it is the workout that if your not fit enough to do, it would be better to not try. The workout went really well, accept for the 3rd interval where I just fell off the edge of the earth or something, I dont know.
Anyways I have been doing very little track work, at least from years prior, and not much under 10k pace or current 5k pace. So I had 4 by a mile at goal 5k pace, and it hurt! But I was happy with the results because this is the workout that always gets better after you get the first one out of the way.

Monday: AM: ligh Jog PM: 61minutes with last mile strides on the turf room, stretching and abs
Tuesday: AM: (ok like 10:40am but morning anyway) 15mw/u & 15mc/d 4X1 mile on the mugshots loop 5:38, 5:22, 5:40, 5:19 PM: 3 miles barefoot and medball circuit

The first mile was concervative on purpose, I had a head wind and lots of traffic, the third mile I was just to cautious through the intersections, but the 2nd mile and last I j…

Butt Cramp

Seriously, Any one that knows piraformis knows what I have been talking about. Its been acting up again, and yesterday during my long run it was so tight that I actually ran to the track, ran a few miles in the opposite direction, and had to run alot of trails. This morning It feels better, I have been using Blue Emu and a really strong anti-inflammatory that I used when I had the achilles problem last year. It makes me real tired but this morning I did a shake out and my legs felt fine.
I found a Duathalon (sp?) in Alabama, I am tempted to jump in it. I havent been on my bike in a while but I am pretty good on the bike. My biggest problem is that I get so sore if I try to ride it and run 70-80 miles a week. SO I dont ride it. And currently, there is a birds nest in my bike helmet and I made Houston Check last night and there are definetly baby birdys in I am not about to move it... I will just purchase a new helmet.

Sunday: 2hrs 12 minute run (17-18 miles) no idea how far I …

Back from New Orleans

So I talked Travis into running the New Orleans Track Club Bridge Run today. Of course, alot of pretty good runners showed up and I really had to work pretty hard. I was still destroyed from that half in Knoxville so I ran a piddling slow 18:00. A little upsetting but I banked a few bucks and got some cookies and Gumbo out of it. Travis was 2nd as well and had to work. It was a close race, I just couldnt seem to close the gap, basically we both kind of had the same problem, couldnt close the gap but I did not get any bigger. ANyways, he ran 15:05 not a bad morning, we jogged 4-5 miles got some diet coke and drove to the French Quarter to meet Lauren and her B/F for an au lait at Cafe De Monde. A very fun trip! I am so happy Travis drove with me.

I am going to work on getting my miledge back up to 80--85 for the next few weeks.
Tomorrows run will be super long, over 2 hours because I feel like I need to drain the tank...
Since las…