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Tired Legs

Last week I ran close to 80miles from monday to sunday without a long run. Houston had me push my long run to monday, and I only had a few two a days, I averaged almost 9 miles per run which is good for me. However monday I went out and had this cramp in my calf after about the hour mark of my long run. I still felt pretty good regardless but it was difficult to keep my legs moving at a good pace.

So far since last thrusday...lets see....

Friday: AM: 72 minutes with Jen and Tiff, PM: 2 mile warmup and circuit
(I took some heavy duty medicine on friday night because I was not feeling well, it took away all my problems but I woke up in the morning and could not run, I could not get my heart rate up and my legs were all over the place so I tried to run the workout and I could hardly get out a 5:50 mile so I freaked out and told Houston I would run the workout in the after noon)
AM: 2 mile warm up/mile at 10k pace on track (re adjusted because of legs) mile cool down
PM: 2 mile warm up/ mile at 10k pace, 3miles at half marathon goal pace, mile at 10k pace, cool down
Sunday: AM: 71 minutes with Jen and Tiff
Monday: AM- 30 minutes of circuit and weights, PM: 1 hr 40 min run
Tuesday: AM 30 minutes, PM:20 minute relaxed (this is my true recovery day)

If today goes as planned I have a morning run and a workout in the afternoon.
Legs felt alot better after tuesday!


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