Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Break

While most of us are playing in the sun this spring break, I will be running. Last week I was about 75 miles, the week before, 77. This week really should not be above 70, however I have been waking up a little bit tight most mornings, and have had to move my primary sessions to the afternoon. This week will probably by 70 miles, that is if I slow down.

My first half of the year (13.1 miles) is Germantown in Memphis. I plan to run 1:24.?? which would be a time I should be very capable of running. Last year, my first and only half was Germantown, which I ran after being told by the doc that I had walking pneumonia.
Probably the stupidist thing I have ever done in my entire life. I ran 1:28.30. I was leading at about 5-6 miles and all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my lungs and I couldnt breath. I had been given three different inhalors, but I didnt have any of them with me during the race.
I fought for second the majority of the race and with 600 to go, I dropped to 3rd, I dont remember the last 2 minutes...

Anyways This week so far:
Sunday: 1hr 40min run
Monday: AM: 30 min and weights, PM: 49min at practice
Tuesday: AM:27min, PM: 1hr 6min at a good pace
Wednesday: 16min w.u/1600m in 5:43, 2k at 6:30-45pace,1200m in 4:22, 2k at 6:30-6:45pace,800m in 2:50, 2k at 6:30-6:45pace, 400m in 80
Thursday: 60 min easy

Wednesdays workout is tougher than it looks, no rest you just keep running and if you accidently run 6:20's for the 2k, you still have to jump on the track for the next interval. My legs have never been that good at changing pace so quickly so its good for me.

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