Friday, March 28, 2008

Ready for the Hills..........?

Houston is driving with me to KNoxville tomorrow night. I am starting to get a little nervous, its a big race and seeing as I have and elite entry I hope that I can get close to the start line. I mean this may be the biggest road race I have ever participated in. It is very exciting.

My legs have been funny all week but I have had a really great workout on wednesday. It went so well so I have been just running an hour plus morning run since then. So far this week....
Pm: Track workout, 2 mile warmup/ 2 mile cooldown, 2X800m in 2:41, 90 sec between, 3min jog up, 2X2miles at "half marathon goal pace" 12:24 (90 sec rest) 12:07 (3min run down) 4x400m in 78 w/ 2 min R.
AM: 22 minutes easy (lots of tests to study for)
PM: 58 minutes w/ last mile in turf room doing sprint diagnals w/ jog across
Friday: AM: 1 hour run relaxed

I could have destroyed the 4 miles in the middle but I really need to try and run comfortably hard. 6:10 pace is getting pretty easy though, eventually I want to run 10 miles at that pace, and then 13.1 hopefully...

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