Sunday, March 30, 2008

PR on the Mountains KNOXVILLE

3/123 Meggan Hodge-Franks 24 F Starkville MS USA 1:25:14
Wow make no mistake, knoxville is hilly as can be. AN the fact that I pr'd, 1:25.14, is fabulous.
For the next few months, probably no half marathon, only some 10ks and a couply 5ks. my legs are not to happy with the back to back weeks and I am starting to get fatiqued from the traveling.
Non the less, I made a few bucks, and I figure in a month or two I will find a course flat and fast and really light it up!
Results have not been posted yet, probably tomorrow or the next.
3rd women, not to shaby. Im still new at this long stuff. My hamstring cramped up again at the 10k mark, I think I am going to have the trainer take a look at it this week.
72miles concludes my down race week. Next weekend I may stay home and train but I am tempted to run this race I found in New Orleans.
Its a long ass way though and I dont know if its worth 500 bucks or not seeing as HOuston is out of town.
Im about to crash. been a long day!

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