Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A New PR

Wow my first half, pretty impressed with myself, but now that I look back it was not terrible fast and it was not to difficult!
3 Meggan Franks 24 3 42:47 6:32 1:25:43 6:33 1:25:42 STARKVILLE MS

I did go out in a 6:04 mile, so I spent the last two miles trying to undo the damage of that, like 6:43 or so. SO really, take away the first mile and I did run faster during the second half of the race.
The dissapointing thing was I had not one to catch, Janet ran 114-115 and another lady ran 119-120 so I was alone, except for a man during the first half that ran behind me and fell off at about 5 miles, then another guy came up (really nice) and ran beside me for about a mile and behind me till about 12 and then I kicked like mad and dropped him. He was really helpful though, supposably there is this new race drink called HEED, yeah no idea what that was. People kept telling me "HEED" and I kept asking for gatorade...I kept telling them "this is water, I want gatorade!" Then someone told me to taste it and I realised what it was... Im a novice what can I say!
Friday: AM 30 minutes, PM 1 mile jog, 4miles at half marathon pace (I just couldnt slow down that much...) 6:17, 6:04, 6:09, 6:01 60-90 rest, 1-2 mile cool down
Saturday: 45minutes easy and strides
Sunday:15min warmup, half marathon in 1:25.42, 10 min cool down (wow I may have went farther when I heard the lady that was 2nd went for an hour!)
Monday: AM-30min, PM-45min and situps/pushups (not alot because I hate pushups)
Tuesday: Am:77minutes at 7-7:45pace, felt great!

The plan for the rest of the week is good miledge, some 400's at 5k pace on wednesday and a split tempo on saturday..long run monday if I am to spent on sunday....

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