Thursday, March 20, 2008


Its been a while since I have stepped on the track and thought to myself, "I just cant run anymore" eventually I hope to do 20X400m, but since my injury last year, the amount of speed work has been minimal, and 20X300m is really not even true speed work. Honestly, the fast 1500m I have ever run is 4:40, and the fastest 800m, around 2:20 during a 1000m split. I dont have a whole lot to work with but I have some.
So wednesday, which was yesterday Houston wanted me to do 15x400m, but the wind was so awful I really was not getting as much benefit sprinting for 200m and being pushed backwards for the other 200m. So we proceeded to do 20x300m and my legs were not to happy.
I had a 100m recovery jog that I was almost walking towards the end. Its not that the workout was to hard its that my legs were tying up, and I was only run 57's. It was demoralizing but the first few workouts like this always are and I have just got to get through them.

Wednesday: AM: 30min run Pm:15min warm up/ 20x300m in 57/15 min cool down
Thursday: AM: 40 minutes of circuit and weights,
Mid morning: 70min run with fast strides during final mile

I booked my room for Knoxville next weekend, and the race director emailed me and said they have my registration so I am so pumped. I hope I have someone to race. Its really about time I stepped it up, I dont think I have been really that competitive since I graduated and I really want to run fast again!

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