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PR on the Mountains KNOXVILLE

3/123 Meggan Hodge-Franks 24 F Starkville MS USA 1:25:14
Wow make no mistake, knoxville is hilly as can be. AN the fact that I pr'd, 1:25.14, is fabulous.
For the next few months, probably no half marathon, only some 10ks and a couply 5ks. my legs are not to happy with the back to back weeks and I am starting to get fatiqued from the traveling.
Non the less, I made a few bucks, and I figure in a month or two I will find a course flat and fast and really light it up!
Results have not been posted yet, probably tomorrow or the next.
3rd women, not to shaby. Im still new at this long stuff. My hamstring cramped up again at the 10k mark, I think I am going to have the trainer take a look at it this week.
72miles concludes my down race week. Next weekend I may stay home and train but I am tempted to run this race I found in New Orleans.
Its a long ass way though and I dont know if its worth 500 bucks or not seeing as HOuston is out of town.
Im about to crash. been…

Ready for the Hills..........?

Houston is driving with me to KNoxville tomorrow night. I am starting to get a little nervous, its a big race and seeing as I have and elite entry I hope that I can get close to the start line. I mean this may be the biggest road race I have ever participated in. It is very exciting.

My legs have been funny all week but I have had a really great workout on wednesday. It went so well so I have been just running an hour plus morning run since then. So far this week....
Pm: Track workout, 2 mile warmup/ 2 mile cooldown, 2X800m in 2:41, 90 sec between, 3min jog up, 2X2miles at "half marathon goal pace" 12:24 (90 sec rest) 12:07 (3min run down) 4x400m in 78 w/ 2 min R.
AM: 22 minutes easy (lots of tests to study for)
PM: 58 minutes w/ last mile in turf room doing sprint diagnals w/ jog across
Friday: AM: 1 hour run relaxed

I could have destroyed the 4 miles in the middle but I really need to try and run comfortably hard. 6:10 pace is getting pretty easy t…

Tired Legs

Last week I ran close to 80miles from monday to sunday without a long run. Houston had me push my long run to monday, and I only had a few two a days, I averaged almost 9 miles per run which is good for me. However monday I went out and had this cramp in my calf after about the hour mark of my long run. I still felt pretty good regardless but it was difficult to keep my legs moving at a good pace.

So far since last thrusday...lets see....

Friday: AM: 72 minutes with Jen and Tiff, PM: 2 mile warmup and circuit
(I took some heavy duty medicine on friday night because I was not feeling well, it took away all my problems but I woke up in the morning and could not run, I could not get my heart rate up and my legs were all over the place so I tried to run the workout and I could hardly get out a 5:50 mile so I freaked out and told Houston I would run the workout in the after noon)
AM: 2 mile warm up/mile at 10k pace on track (re adjusted because of legs) mile cool down
PM: 2 mile warm u…


Its been a while since I have stepped on the track and thought to myself, "I just cant run anymore" eventually I hope to do 20X400m, but since my injury last year, the amount of speed work has been minimal, and 20X300m is really not even true speed work. Honestly, the fast 1500m I have ever run is 4:40, and the fastest 800m, around 2:20 during a 1000m split. I dont have a whole lot to work with but I have some.
So wednesday, which was yesterday Houston wanted me to do 15x400m, but the wind was so awful I really was not getting as much benefit sprinting for 200m and being pushed backwards for the other 200m. So we proceeded to do 20x300m and my legs were not to happy.
I had a 100m recovery jog that I was almost walking towards the end. Its not that the workout was to hard its that my legs were tying up, and I was only run 57's. It was demoralizing but the first few workouts like this always are and I have just got to get through them.

Wednesday: AM: 30min run Pm:15min warm u…

A New PR

Wow my first half, pretty impressed with myself, but now that I look back it was not terrible fast and it was not to difficult!
3 Meggan Franks 24 3 42:47 6:32 1:25:43 6:33 1:25:42 STARKVILLE MS

I did go out in a 6:04 mile, so I spent the last two miles trying to undo the damage of that, like 6:43 or so. SO really, take away the first mile and I did run faster during the second half of the race.
The dissapointing thing was I had not one to catch, Janet ran 114-115 and another lady ran 119-120 so I was alone, except for a man during the first half that ran behind me and fell off at about 5 miles, then another guy came up (really nice) and ran beside me for about a mile and behind me till about 12 and then I kicked like mad and dropped him. He was really helpful though, supposably there is this new race drink called HEED, yeah no idea what that was. People kept telling me "HEED" and I kept asking for gatorade...I kept telling them "this is water, I want gatorade!" Then …

Spring Break

While most of us are playing in the sun this spring break, I will be running. Last week I was about 75 miles, the week before, 77. This week really should not be above 70, however I have been waking up a little bit tight most mornings, and have had to move my primary sessions to the afternoon. This week will probably by 70 miles, that is if I slow down.

My first half of the year (13.1 miles) is Germantown in Memphis. I plan to run 1:24.?? which would be a time I should be very capable of running. Last year, my first and only half was Germantown, which I ran after being told by the doc that I had walking pneumonia.
Probably the stupidist thing I have ever done in my entire life. I ran 1:28.30. I was leading at about 5-6 miles and all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my lungs and I couldnt breath. I had been given three different inhalors, but I didnt have any of them with me during the race.
I fought for second the majority of the race and with 600 to go, I dropped to 3rd, I dont remem…