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3 months, and Im back

--training updated 12/17/08--
Wow, so whats the point of blogging training when I have not been doing any? I am very aware that my insites on life, etc. are not that interesting so I have not posted anything in a while.
I have started running again, finally, I mean, really running, non of this shuffling around 20-30min a day stuff. I can run about 50min to an hour most days for a little bit now. I have not started workouts yet, obviously, that would be stupid. I may start earlier than usual after an injury because of all the cross training I was able to do...against Houston's wishes.

As for the team, Scrib made it to NCAA's which was great for him. I thought both teams ran really well, considering they were a little understaffed this year. That will not be the case next year, recruiting is going really well.

Few interesting things, I completed the USATF level 1 coaches certification course this weekend, and I will be a volunteer assistant coach for the women starting in january. f…


Good Achilles day, I have gotten in about 30min or so everyday this week.

I am about to go ride the bike for an hour and read another Michael Crichton

The team is headed to regionals this weekend, the story is available here:

The girls just lost their number three due to transfer so they will be having a rough weekend. The men should be fine.
Up to about 30 min of jogging a day now. I am so sick of the pool, I would rather just gain some weight and take my 30min of running than have to do another pool session. So far I think I will have no trouble getting back into the swing of things, I just keep having set backs.

I was really down this week because my Husband seemed to have confinced me that I may have a small tear in my achilles. I did not want to be out any longer than I already have been ( I sat out 7 months last year) but I had my monthly visit to My chiropractor, Dr. Leach, and he seems to think he can fix it. So before I go get another MRI, I am going to let him have a shot at it.

I mean, two 20 dollar sessions would be alot cheaper than two doctors visits and an MRI, dont you think.
I guess we will see. I mean, it is improving, just very very slowly.


I got a run in today (not much of one, a 30/30/30 day, 30min pool run, 30min bike, 30 min jog). I cannot believe how warm it is here in the winter time. My mother sent me a text tomorrow, supposably she got her first snow fall this year, a week or so later than usual. The first snow fall in northern alberta is something I do miss about home, but I love being able to run sans t-shirt in december...sometimes. -Pictured, Athabasca River, Alberta
Pictured- Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Dads new home)
SEC's was this past weekend, the men did pretty well seeing as we are really in a building process this year. We also had a few people fall apart, it happens. Scrib ran an excellent race, as shows from the results.Girma ended up winning the whole thing. I could have predicted that when Houston was recruiting him last year. That kid is a machine, literally.Race re-cap can be found here:…

Little by Little

SEC's are this monday, in Starkville. I think we will be pretty busy this weekend. Info and what not will be posted on the website I am sure.

As for the running, Ive progressed from a 10min run to a 40min run this week, however I did have one day that I could not run at all, I was just too sore.

Happy Halloween Everyone!


Having some success this week with my achilles. I have not felt it in about 4 days now. I am still sleeping in the night splint and I wear the compression sleeve where ever I ago, but the aching feels like its gone now. I am freakin out, not getting to run at all. But I have got out of the pool again (at least for one of my 2 a day sessions) and have been using the elliptical, and the bike, with little to no discomfort. My achilles did not care to much for both even when it wasnt bothering me. Most days I do a 40-60min cardio session in the morning of bike or elliptical or something, then I do a 30-60 min pool session, something hard thats over pretty fast. I try to average 90min of cardio about 6 times a week, usually one day I only get an hour in (like today) because of time constrants. I think it is working well, I still feel pretty fit (of course) have not gained any weight, but I have not been doing my yoga as I should and I am loosing some ab definition as a result. Running and …

Not much

Well its saturday and Im pretty bored. I just spent the night with some friends and am about to go to bed...but my Husband is coming home late so I thought I might stay up and catch him. I probably wont make it though, its very rare for me to stay up past 11pm.

My achilles actually feels all right today, which is funny because it was terrible all through the week. Maybe because I have completely stayed off it, Ive also been wearing my splint around the house. Its been pretty good so far.

Even though I have been out for almost 7 weeks now, I really dont think I have gained an ounce, which is probably due to the fact that I am still spending 80min in the pool most days, doing intervals the whole time, or I may be eatting less, I havent really felt like I have changed anything really.
Im just as tired at night, if not more so I still feel like I am getting a pretty good workout.

I wore my heart rate monitor the other day, was disappointed to know that if did not work under water, but if I li…
So my calf strain has progressed into an aching achilles, every time I take a step I get a shooting pain up my leg. Therefor I am getting an MRI next week, and I have not been running at all, just pool sessions of 70-80min. I just want to be carefully, I am hoping its nothing....

I guess we will see!

Heading to the Homeland

Well I am going home for 4 days, in the middle of the semester, of all times. Its thanksgiving in Canada, so I will get to see almost all my family and my wild and crazy siblings. I am excited, I have not been traveling much since I hurt myself about 5 weeks ago, I am aching to get out of this mini town for a few days. Since being married, however, I really dont like traveling alone. There is a certain security that comes with my husband being right there. Oh well. Hes on a recruiting trip in texas.

ANyways, so I got a Garmin 305 for my birthday. I have only had the chance to use it once, and I am rehab running so I dont even get the chance to do something spectacular with it. Its like a mini computer on my arm, that barely fits (the band is to big, my wrists are to small). But its addictive, I want to look at it every second, I have to make myself look away for at least a minute. Its really not a great thing for "rehab" running either. My calf is still sore, and yet I want t…
---updated all week i guess---
woo! 2 runs so far this week. nice.
Sunday: AM: 55min run PM: 26min elliptical, abs
Monday: AM: 45min run (kinda sore) PM: 40min bike
Tuesday: AM: 80min elliptical (60min pretty hard, simulating a tempo run) stretch, abs (so boring)


I would just like to forget the training I have had in the last two weeks. A few days I got a good run in, then to not be able to run for a bunch of days after words. Fortunately, I was able to run this sunday, and monday, however my achilles is aching. The calf seems to be all right.

I ended up with a 2nd degree strain, it was not so bad in the beginning, but because I continued to run on it, it would not heal and got progressively worse.

Because I am less than 8 weeks away from Canadian National Cross I can basically kiss that idea good bye. I doubt I will be running workouts next week, and that is where I will need to be. At least I am finally running now, I was getting tired of 90min of cross training a day, or 80min of intervals in the pool. I much prefer going out for an hour run over anything else. The last two weeks I worked pretty hard, but the training sucked so I didnt even log it. Who cares about my elliptical/bike/water running workouts?

Last week the team went to Notre Dam…

Home Meet Recap

Saturday was a pretty good meet for Mississippi State. UNfortunately, the bottom fell out friday morning and it poured all day, and all night. I ran out to the course that morning, arriving at 6:25am, a good 5 minutes before I was scheduled at "packet pickup" to change out of my wet running clothes (it was raining all morning) and eat a stale granola bar Houston had grabbed for me at the BP station on the way out (whats really open at 5am in Starkville?).

The mens race began at 8am and Scrib won in a good 24:?? effort. The course was ankle deep mud and at least 20 meters longer than it was previously, as Houston had to move the finish to a more dry location. The men won the over all title, and the woman repeated shortly after (Masterson won in 18:35 or so, not a fast day for her given the conditions but a win anyway).
Delta timing has yet to put up the results...hmmmm...they should be here eventually....
and here is this race recap from Mstate…

Cross training sucks- MSU Home Meet this Weekend

WOrking the home meet this weekend. Pretty excited, I get to see all the tupelo girls that I worked with when I went to Brevard this past summer. ALso the mens and womens team will be racing so I will get to watch that. I will be working the packet pick up, I have to be there at like 6:30am, meaning I will probably need to get up at 4:30 to get my run in. Thats not to much fun.
article posted here:
pretty terrible though. Who really cares about racing ole miss. Results will probably be posted on the website as well.

As for this week, Not much running still. Calf is still pretty messed up.

Monday: AM: 76min run
Tuesday: AM: 40min run PM: (55min)workout, 15min w/u (elliptical) 6X5min hard, 1 min easy (pool)
Wednesday: AM: 55min elliptical, abs, PM: 38min run (calf messed up)

Messed up

--updated sunday--
these injuries have really got me down, every time I am getting some where, I get hurt. Its so annoying.
I am no stranger to an elliptical machine, a pool workout, or a road bike. This week, I have really tried to work as hard as I can. Actually, I have had a bit of a head ache for the past few days, they one where you have been doing a few to many intense session in a row. Over all, I try not to think about it much, I was getting really tight and fatigued anyway.

The men are running an 8 mile tempo at the course on friday, I may go out there and do a few loops of relaxed running. The SEC Cross COunty Championships are on our course this year and I have not ran the upper loop yet. Its pretty exciting I think. I plan to help out alot with that, I love the SEC.

Monday: AM: 63min run

AM: 55min run (calf is killing me after trying to do strides)
PM: (50min) workout, (warmup on bike, workout inpool) 20min warm up, 5X5min HARD w/60-90sec rest water running (pretty hard …

Shut-in it down i guess

Well I strained my calf, pretty bad it seems..ha if its not hip its something else. So, as I am pretty used to this, I will be doing pool workouts and easy miledge for probably the next good while. THe positive in this situation is that, unlike most of my other issues, I can actually get a good relaxed run in of about an hour no problem, its when I get up on my toes for even one stride that we mess the whole thing up.
This morning I was going to run a workout at threshold, yeah did not happen as I tried to do a few 200's at pace and couldnt get up on my toes at all. I went for an easy run instead. this afternoon I am planning on doing a pool workout, probably 5x5min w/ 60sec rest. I really dont like cross training, you need to do twice as much and you still put on wieght no matter what.

Ne ways, X-country is in town this weekend, its bulldog bash and we play Auburn saturday. Think the team has a tempo run at the course. SHould be interesting to watch, but I doubt I will be participa…
Yeah TEAM. Both the Mens and the Womens teams went to Swanee this past weekend and lit it up. Wins on both sides, and some pretty awesome performances.
Recap is available here:

as for training, my calf is still messed up so Ive just been running an hour easy....

Saturday: AM: 60min
Sunday: AM: 60min
Monday: AM: 63min
Another crappy day of cross training.....
.... .... .... .....
Friday: AM: 20min light jog (calf still not good)
PM: 65min elliptical, w/30min of 90sec on/30sec off strength, back,abs

Strained Calf

Week started off OK...just ok.. I had a good run on monday morning, but the afternoon my calfs were really tight and my quads were heavy, I was also getting light headed and dizzy since an hour or so after my long run the day before. Tuesday morning I ran a workout with the girls team, however warmup up and doing drills I could not get my heart rate down and my legs were shaking. I figured I was having some electrolyte issues.. and a little dehydration. Anyways, we were suppose to do 4X1500's and the first three went awful for me compared to what I had been doing (like 10+ seconds), also I was getting 5min rest versus 3min or less. At about 150m into the 4th and last interval I felt a piering pain in my calf, took three strides and tumbled over. I could not put any weight on my left leg.
I know I had been having achilles issues for the last little while so I was really scared at first. Houston drove by and him and Dudley drove me to the trainer, where I realised I had a massive cal…

Gustav bringing some nasty weather this way

The rest of the week actually went pretty good. Saturday I ran a race in jackson for 400 bucks. I did not get much of a warmup so I was kinda jogging most of the way. I caught up with a boy that went out a little to hard and we talked for most of the race. I was not to worried because I did not feel like I was running to fast as I was pretty tight when i drills, stretching, or extended run, pretty much 14 min of jogging and two strides. I ended up running 18:11, and I was so angry, If I knew I was running around 18:00 I would have pushed it alot harder at the 1.5 mile mark...of course there was no mile markers or splits so I had no idea. Suposable, the course was 93 meters long, (was not certified) so that made me feel a whole lot better. Results are available here:

Saturday: 2mile w/u , 5k race (1st) 35min c/d
Sunday: 10miles w/ the girls 1hr 13min
PM: 10min w/u, weights (arms, shoulders, back, legs), abs
Monday: 1hr…
This week was really not awful. My back hurts a little, my hip is tight, but I poped it a few times and I got to do a little this week. I race tomorrow morning, I am leaving at 3:50 AM. The mens team is driving out to Ackerman to run the lake loop....LUCKY! Its a very nice loop, like almost 3 miles around the lake, like the best running surface you can possibly imagine. Trail like, not to soft.
Trying to get to bed by 8:30. We will see..
Tuesday:AM:50 minutes PM:30min, yoga, abs
Wednesday: AM: 2m w/u, 6X400m hill repeats, with run down recoveries, then 13min tempo (was suppose to be 15 but my hip was so tight I could barely bend over, so I stopped when I made it home.) 1 mile c/d
PM: 2 mile w/u and weights, yoga, abs
Thursday:AM:30min PM:44min
Friday: AM: 57min, with strides PM:abs

Bad Hip Day

Today was a bad hip day, as was yesterday. My yoga video turned out to be useless, it was way to easy and I had already mastered every pose. Not in a good mood, my hip is awful.

Sunday: 1hr of yoga, PM:52min run (tight)
Monday: AM: 1hr 20min run (hip so tight, could not finish my long mad)


Not much going on today...very very back end of a Tropical Storm coming through our area so its raining hard off and on. Got really sick yesterday after my workout so I may take a day off. Its been a really long time since I took a day off so I am not sure yet. Feel a bit better this morning.

Friday: AM: 56min (good) PM: nothing, got busy
Saturday: AM: 2mile w/u
7mile tempo broken into 3 segments (2min recovery)
4miles at 6:05-6:10 pace
2miles in 11:45
1 mile in 5:48 (ran the 1st mile on the 5 mile loop backwards, so pretty slow and up hillish)
3 mile coold down
yoga + stetch

I bought a new yoga video today, I think it should be a little more intense so I am hoping that there are a few positions on their I have not learned.

Long week..

First week of school and I pretty tired. We received our consulting project this week so I am planning on being pretty busy for a while.
Time trial went good, allot of guys in the low 19's so that was nice to watch. My workout went pretty good to.

Wednesday: AM: 30min PM: 2mile warm up, on mug shots so first two miles are typically up hill and slow
1 mile: 5:30, 1 mile 5:20, 1200m 3:58, 1200m 3:59, 800m 2:34 , 800m 2:34
3min rest between, 3.5 mile cool down
Thursday: AM: 30min easy PM: 41min easy, stetch and abs (tired)
Friday: AM: 56min (good) PM: not sure yet

Time Trials

Tonite is the infamous 4 mile time trial, where Houston basically says, you make the team, you dont. He doesnt like it, he wants all his guys, and he doesnt mind dealing with a good many walk ons. I really hope everyone makes the standard (they have to run under 22 min to be able to train with the team). Now, some that make the team will probably never travel, but they will improve. They always get better. Most of his guys are just going out there to get in a good workout, 5min pace for 4 miles.... Out of like 18 guys, I think he only has a couple on the bubble.

Tonite I have a pretty hard session on the mugshots loop, mile, mile, 1200, 1200, 800, 800. I am not sure what the rest is. My legs feel great, my back kinda hurts though. Its alot better than it has been, at least I can run comfortably again.

Monday: AM: 42min about 7:15pace PM: 24min, 1hr of yoga and circuit
Tuesday: AM: 65 min on the golf course PM: 30min, strides, stretch
Wednesday: AM: 30min PM: planned interval session (g…

Booh! No 10k Coverage?? WHAT THE F&*^!!!

SO this morning HOuston and I were trying to watch the mens 10k before church, and we could not find it anywhere! I was so angry, three Americans in the Race and no station was even playing it! There was water polo, table tennis, and volleyball, NO AMERICANS in any of those events, but 3 in the 10k and they still would not play it.
Finally we found it on some Denmark internet site, my new labtop played it pretty well. Was a pretty good race!
Kinda upset about the marathon, Kastor dropped out with a foot injury, and Paula has been hurt for three freakin months. Got pretty excited for the finish though... at least the fight for silver was pretty good...was really cheering for Ndereba, shes always so cool and collected. I was waiting for her to try and catch the leader. I was really surprised they let her get away.

Sunday: AM: 1hr 45min (about 14 or so)

~ 80 miles for the week..

Ready for the Marathon

OK, so womens marathon is tonight, I am so excited. I am sick to my stomach I am so excited to watch it. There are no Canadians in it, sadly, but I am a huge Deena Kastor fan so I am really really looking forward to watching her tonight. I hope she has a good run. Its hard to top her performance in 2004, she ran the smartest race out of the entire field. I have never seen an athlete be so patient, and so calm, for over 2 hours. Unbelievable! Anyways, this morning I ran a workout with the girls team. It went pretty good, I basically ran with Simone the whole way. I dont understand how someone so Tiny can run so fast. I really enjoyed it, plan on running a few more of there workouts this year.
Friday:42min w/ strides PM: 1 hour of yoga, pilates, ab work (Houston would not let me run this afternoon, which I listened to him this time after a short argument, my hip has been a little tight this week, and coach usually knows best) Saturday:AM:2mile w/u, 3.5mile c/d, 1000m in 3:22, 4miles in 2…

Rainy Days..

Week before school starts, really not much going on. Im so bored I am going to bed at like 9 every night, really trying to find things to do to take up time. Really, you can only run so much, and lift so many weights (as a distance runner). Its been raining again the past few days, this moning I ran some 1000's on the practice fields with Houston. The ground was so mushy, somtimes I had trouble with the footing, kind of funny to listen to my feet squish around in my shoes on all the turns. My mood was pretty good to, some one was going to have to run me over with a truck to make me quit. Good week so far.

I think official team practice starts tomorrow. HOustons men look pretty fit, anorexic looking as always. Thats the way he likes them to. I think he takes it as a complement or something, everytime I tell him that his men need to be thrown a sandwich now and then...

Monday: AM: 1hr 40min run, yoga, situps
Tuesday: AM: 58:30 min run(6:45-6:20 pace) situps
Wednesday: AM: 2 mile w/u, 6 …

1 week till class starts back!!!

Well its sunday, so I now have on week till the last semester in my masters program...possibly. Still deciding if I will persue a minor or not. This week has been alright, I ran the ELvis Presley INternational 5k in Memphis on saturday. I was 2nd in a pretty good field so over all I was pleased....still made a really bad decision tactically at about 1.5 miles...but it was only a road race, the prize purse was not enough to get really upset about.

Wednesday: AM: 2.5 m w/u 16X400m on research, 1m c/d
Thursday: AM: 61min run (felt pretty good) PM:30min run w/ yoga and abs
Friday: AM: 31min run (tight) PM: 26min (tight)
Saturday: 2m w/u, 5k road race, (2nd) 42min c/d
Sunday: AM: 79min run PM: yoga and abs

~about 71 miles


This morning I had a pretty good workout so I thought I should go ahead and post!
I was suppose to run 400s, keep in mind I have not run a 400 workout in so long I cant even remember, not the last year anyways! So I was pleased with the way this one went. We ran them on the research park loop. Houston marked two 400's, from the start of the regular mile, backwards so that we would not have to include the big hill. There fore the 1st 2-400's were fast, the second two were slower, being that they were on a gradual incline. I ran 4 sets of 4, so 16 total. I was pretty waxed when I finished, think I was between 74 and 75 on the first two of each set, then I was about 77-78 on the next to of each set. Thats about right, given the terrian. I took 60 sec between each, and 5 min between sets because I was not used to the workout.
I was pleased with it! got done just in time for another 110 degree day!

Results of the RRCA Sout Regional Championship are now up. I ended up finishing less than half a second behind Beth Old, a 2:40 marathoner out of Marietta, Georgia. The times were not to great, I ran 18:08, but all times were pretty slow. The winner, Jill Steffens, only ran 17:12 (she carries a 16:23 PR). Seems about right for a rolling hill course in Alabama, 1st weekend in August. It was so humid I was dripping sweat before the gun went off.
SO I am still looking for a fast 5k road race...something better than the 17:38 I ran in the mud in March this year..there has got to be something!

This week, training has been pretty good I guess. Its only tuesday however.
Saturday: AM: 5k race PM: 40min xt, abs, weights
Sunday: AM: 72min, PM:20min xt, circuit, abs, yoga
Monday: AM: 90min
Tuesday: AM:51min a strides (felt great) PM:30min at 7:10-6:50 pace, circuit, abs

Woodstock 5K

This week has been alot better in terms of training. My hip has not bothered me much, and Ive been trying to really reduce my miledge this week, trying to get ready for a few more weeks of higher miledge. This week I drove the Anniston, Alabama to run in the Woodstock 5k, where the 2009 RRCA will take place. It was a fantastic race with a very very impressive womens field. The mens field was pretty good three deep, the womens field was alot deeper than that. Results are not up yet, will post later.
The night before we ate at TOP OF THE RIVER restaurant, Ive got to say that I was about half way through the complementary corn bread (cooked in a cast iron skillet!) , pickled onions, and slaw, that I was so full I could barely touch my grilled chicken and shrimp. Absolutely one of the most fabulous places I have ever eaten. If you are ever near Anniston and want a good restaurant, stop at Top Of The River.

Monday: AM: light run PM:40min, yoga and ab work
Tuesday: AM: AM: 36min, PM:42min

Back from Brevard Running Camp

Well yesterday we drove back from Brevard, North Carolina. It was quite a week, I will be over 80 miles after todays long run, and Robert Scribner (one of Houstons College athletes) will be over 100. It was nice to get away from the 100 degree weather, and alot of my runs were pretty impressive. Basically, we woke up at 6 every morning, ran 40 minutes at about 6:30pace (or faster depending on who was leading), laid in the freezing creek to soothe our muscles, then ate breakfast, slept, and ran another 5-8 miles in the afternoon, ate, slept, got up and did it all over. My legs feel fantastic, and body feels so refreshed.

Friday:AM:70min PM: 20min run, yoga and pilates at the track
Saturday: 1hr 40min, legs hurting
Sunday: PM: 46min with the team
Monday: AM:40min at 6:30 pace- PM: 61min trail run
Tuesday:AM:40min at 6:30 pace- PM:52min trail run
Wednesday:AM: 45min (Trail loop in 37ish w/ the men) 6.5miles, PM: 5mile trail run
Thursday: 40min at 6:30 pace- PM: 56min trail run (good pace)

Ready for Running Camp

Sunday I leave for running camp in North Carolina. Im excited about it, it will be a change from the office and the 100 degrees in the afternoon. I will be gone from sunday to saturday. SUpposably the running is beautiful, but pretty tough because we ill be in the mountains. I think anything beats 100 degrees w/ 100% humidity.
The week finished off pretty good, except this morning I woke up pretty stiff and tired. I did a pretty hard workout last night so that was probably the reason.
continuing last weeks post...
Friday: AM: 30min, PM: 43min (legs hurting)
Saturday: AM:2mile w/u, 1mile c/d 5mile tempo run on the Ackerman loop (hot)
PM: 30min xt, weights, (legs, arms, abs)
Sunday: 72min (felt better after half)
Monday: AM: 11 miles on south farm (hilly) (10.5 in 1hr12min)
Tuesday:AM: 40min w/ strides on big turf PM: 42min (about 7min pace) weights (arms, legs, abs)
Wednesday:AM:40min PM:1.5mile w/u, 10min c/d, 5min,3min,5min,3min,5min,3min,5min hard w/ 90-2min recovery
Thursday:60min (50xt,10…

O'Neil gets 3rd at Worlds

HOuston told me last night that O'Neil Wilder ended up with a 3rd place finish at world juniors in the 400 this past week. I was pretty happy for him, its been a very interesting year for Mr.Wilder, he has really become a name in track and field quite quickly. Really good kid to, in my opinion.

Anyways, been tight on and off all week, also been running hard to so that may be the cause of it.
Wednesday: 1hr 35minutes
Thursday: AM: 37minutes w/ Houston, pretty quick pace, bout 7min pace mostly, a bit quicker over the last mile
PM: 40 minutes at 7:10-6:40 pace
Friday: AM:30min PM:45min-60min (planned)
Saturday: Planned tempo run
trying to get 75-80 miles this week

No racing, just running

Sitting down with HOuston last night I stated again that I would like to run Canadian Nationals. Last time I ran, I finished 30th and had a horrible race...not good seeing as I was 17th as a junior. He is all for it, so I think I wam going to train primarly for 5k to 10k because the race is only 6k. I dont mind that, this half marathon stuff has gotten my hip all messed up anyway.

This week has been better, I am still really tired all the time about 2-3 in the afternoon. I dont think my diet is that good, but often time I find myself alone in the office and I cant sneak out to go get anything. So I drink my G2 and starve from about 11-2. I need to start brown baging it.

This week is suppose to be a pretty goo week...however the intense weight session I had on monday might not let it get as big as I would like.

Monday: AM: 64min fartlek workout, 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1 minutes hard, w/ half the interval time recovery. It went pretty well ,I know on the long segments I was 6min pace or faster be…

Big week

Not much going on here...Travis headed up to Nationals this past weekend..finished 8th, I dont think he was to happy with that, it being such a big trip. Tiffany finished 7th in the us 1500, I thought that was not to bad seeing as she had 4 weeks of training.

Continuing last week:
Thursday: AM: 40min PM: w/o, 15min w/u, 15m c/d 5x800, 2:40, 2:39, 2:27, 2:30, 2:34
Friday: AM:64minutes
Saturday: 1hr48minutes (long run)
Sunday: AM:3miles PM: 30minutes at 7:30-6:40 pace, weights & abs

Easy Week

Half marathon went ok, my hip was bothering me so I just ran it like a long run, I figured if I was under 90 minutes it was a good long run.
I ended up winning, which was alright, it was hot and I felt bad the whole time, pretty dehydrated but nice little stroll.
Sunday: 40min yoga+pilates+abs, 30min at 7:30-6:30pace
Monday: AM:40minutes on trails, PM:35minutes 7:30-6:30pace w/ weights (40min)
Tuesday: 50 minutes w/ pilates
Wednesday: AM:64minutes w/ strides PM: 20 min at 7:30-6:30pace, 40 min of weights
Thursday: AM: 40minutes w/ the girls PM: planned workout

Ridgeland Half Marathon

Headed to Jackson tomorrow to run another half. Going to be hot as heck for Mississippi in June so I dont expect it to go very good. Also, my tempos have been short and infrequent, and my fast stuff has been well, and I think for halfs I would probably want that reveresed. Im not running much this week because I am expecting to get heat stroke and dehydration on saturday. Seriously a half marathon in June in MISSISSIPPI. We will see how this goes.

Anyways, running this week, even though I posted some already:

Monday: 1hr6min with strides
Tuesday: 45minutes with strides
Wednesday: AM:30min PM:15minw/u 15minc/d, 3mile/1mile
3miles in 18:15 (6:05 pace) 3min jog, 1 mile in 5:21 awesome!

Not much

Back and hip is acting up a bit so I am just going to do what ever I want this week.... not much else to write, got a couple of projects to do... anyways Ill just post the training even though its nothing interesting...

Saturday: 9miles w/ 7miles in about 45 minutes (about 6:26 pace) really hot!
PM: 20 minutes w/ 4X30 sec strides, situps, pushups, leg lifts
Sunday: AM: 45 minutes (did not get up early enough because it was like 95 degrees!
PM: 50min w/ 30min xt & 20min 7:45-6:35 mile pace (mostly at the 7ish)
abs and stuff

Monday: 66 min relaxed (hip tight, probably from yesterday)

Achilles Issues..But I can handle it

Since my workouts have al of a sudden gotten better, my achilles has been acing up. Today I was about to do 10 miles at a progressive pace, but started off about 30 sec per mile faster than I should have, only to have my achilles so tight I cut it down to seven. I was hot as crap anyway, I dont think the workout was absolutely neccesairy anyway, I race in a week. I just need to be cautious. This is what sat me out for almost 7 months last year.

Anyways: Good running still, besides today, but today was not to terrible.

Wednesday: AM: 30min
PM: A true VO2 max workout!Lol! 2mw/u, 2mc/d 4X800m aw/ 3 minutes rest on mugshots loop. 2:35, 2:39, 2:28, 2:31 not bad, but I was suppose to finish with some 200's but I was limping so I just jogged.
Thursday: AM:30min XT
PM: 60minutes on north farm
Friday: 70minutes + strides (from house)
Sat: 9miles w/ 7miles in about 45 minutes (about 6:26 pace) really hot!
PM: planned easy run and weights
Sunday: not sure

Good Week

My hip has been alot better, which means my workouts have been improving. Saturdays work out left me really sore for a few days so my long run did not go as good as I would have liked it to. Did not really get in as much running as I would have liked to yesterday, because we were going to play poker with all the other MBA's. Eventually, we ended up staying till close to midnight which means I did not get up in time to meet the girls for my 5-6 miles. Guess I will have to get my priorities I think I will just make it up this afternoon.
Tonite I have some 800's and some 200's with a distance run after words. Doing the 8's on the mugshots loop, and the 200's probably backwords on the track. Houston is running the whole workout with me so I am pretty excited about that. workouts always go better when someone is running them with me.

Sunday: 45minutes easy
Monday: 1hr 40 minutes (legs really sore) bout 40 minutes w/ the girls
Tuesday: AM: wake up jog (legs …

What a relief! Finally a good workout

After a few months of being impatient and freakin out in the middle of most my workouts, I finally have a good workout! This week went so mcuh better than I expected. My hip is not bothering me, my achilles is a little tight, but finally, I may be able to start training normally again... hopefully. I am suppose to race a half marathon in about 2 weeks so to finally start running good again is very relieving.

Saturday: am: 3miles easy PM: 2mile wu/2mile c/d 5x 1 mile on the roads (mugshots loop) w/ 90 sec rest. 5:42,5:46,5:42, 5:29, 5:30 (very last mile had no mark so just ran for time)
felt so much better after this workout.

Headaches & School Projects

This week has been pretty rough. Had a project to finish and two exams and I have been really just dont feel that motivated to study. I think this week has been the first time in a long time that I studied for an exam a day before instead of a week before. ANyways, running has been ok this week since this monday. Getting dehydrated during my long run really did a number on my body, I have had headaches all week, no appetite, and I have been super tired. I think I am almost over it though. I just need to be better about somethings.

Tuesday: AM: 37min xt/ PM: 42 min on trails
Wednesday: AM: 1hr 16 min w/ 3miles at 6 min pace, 1/2 mile jog, 2miles at 6min pace, 1/2mile jog, 1 mile at 6min pace, on south farm so really hilly
Thursday: AM: 40min xt/PM: 45min xt and weights and abs
Friday: AM: 20min jog PM: 60min at good clip, strides. (finished just in time to watch the bottom fall out. when it rains in mississippi, it floods.)
Saturday: planned workout
Sunday: med-long run

5:30am no thanks!

SO its pretty hot here in the summer, went for a run last week at 3 oclcok in the afternoon with Houston and I almost pastout. He cant run in the mornings because his achilles is to tight, or hes to damn lazy. Anyways, today I met any at the track for my long run, I ended up pretty dehydrated after about 10 miles, so I struggled for next 20 ish minutes, so I only went 1hr 30. Last few days I have only been running 45 minutes a day because of my hip. I dont remember drinking much water this past weekend. Lately I have been finishing every run with a river of sweat pouring down my face. Its like 100 degrees with the heat index.
Good for us Canadians.
Last week was an injury week. But I will post it anyway. No hard stuff just running.

Sunday: AM 50min XT, PM: 20min XT and weights
Monday: 90minutes LR
Tuesday: Am: 45 min recovery
Wednesday: 80minutes MLR, strides in turf room last mile
Thursday: 50minutes, strides
Friday: AM: 20min PM: 30min (hip bad today)
Saturday: 45min
Sunday: 45min, and drills

Back Issues

Not sure why, but things have still not been going to well for me and my hip problem. I am not sure what the plan is for next week but the last two days have been impossible.

Friday AM: 30 min PM: 25min, 2X200m FAST, 4X100 (stride fast)
Saturday AM: 35 min PM: 6 miles, w/ 5 miles at easy tempo (32 min) this is about all I can do without my hip tightening up.

Houston is about to shut me down, I think he is right. I am not getting anything out of these useless workouts. I guess we will see....

Mississippi Heat

Its been pretty hot a humid here, and if its not hot its raining. And its always humid. Houston and I check the humidity index and if it is somewere in the 90% range than its ok to do a workout. FABULOUS. Anyways, it takes a few weeks to get used to, wether you go out for 20 minutes or 2 hours you come back supping wet, your hair all in knots (if you have long hair) anything cotton gets stretched out to a size XL, and cold showers become the norm.
Training has been going ok, not much work and no classes so basically my day consists of running, half day of work, and a visit to the chiro. Oh and if I can make myself go, a weight session or an evening run (the weight session I dont care for to much). And a large amount of sleep....
since last post

Wednesday: AM: 83 minutes from house PM: warm up run and running drills, situps, hip mobility drills
Thursday: 69 minutes w/ 8X 60-70sec hill sprints, 2X 1500m hard, c/d
Friday: AM: 64 minutes w/ 6 miles progresive (start at 6:59 down to 6:30), 1 m…

SEC Outdoor Meet- Fast Times

I got back from the SEC meet yesterday morning, around 2am, I was so destroyed. After work I slept until 5 oclock. Anyways, the meet went fabulous, we had kids in ever final from the 100, 200, 400H (2), 800 (2), 1500 (2), and the 5k there were some massive PR's, also in the 10k, it was a great meet. 3 men ran a new SEC meet record in the 10k, 28:23. Suicide fast at the start, so was the 5 as well. Houston had three kids run PR's to qualify for the 1500 final (they were originally ranked like 18th or so in the conference) 3:48, 3:50, 3:50. Its nice to have a whole team of 3:50 guys I think, especially the three being so young.

Anyways, this week I think I am still going to try to get my hip back. I dont want to race, just want to train. Last week was going really well until I got really sick towards the end of the week and missed my long run. I did have two longer runs last week so I think i am still ok.

Wednesday: AM:25minutes PM: 60 minutes w/5X2min, 1min, 30sec w/ 90sec,1mi…

SEC MEET- Road Trip

Thursday I am heading to AUburn to watch the SEC meet. I am not a fan of Auburns track, that is why I love Penn and Texas, because there is a Starbucks down the street. Its sad that the location of the nearest Starbucks is what determines which track is better for me. Anyways, my hip is feeling better and Houston still will not let me work out. Im just running hard this week, and doing fartleks and tempo's. Hes always right when it comes to running, no matter what. Thats probably why he is such a good coach.
I am still contemplating running cotton row on memorial day, and a race in new orleans next friday. I guess it really depends how I feel on monday. I really dont have to decide until that morning. I think travis is planning on going so I may. Its a mile, 5k with the 5k 20 minutes after the mile. Interesting to see how things will go.
The weather is really nice here. Its not quite to hot yet, I like this weather, not sweating immediatly when I walk outside after work. Thats prett…

Some relief

I do not recommend it but Houston has been rubbing DMSO on my injured left cheek. You really have to get the area very clean, and make sure the clothing you wear is also very clean. It is not even approved for human use, but I got me to 2nd place at Gum Tree this weekend, a pretty profitable weekend, with a $600 check for second, and another $1000 for winning the Grand Prix. I did just go out for a sunday stroll and jog, I ran relaxed the whole way, I picked it up the last 400 to sprint for the finish, I had alot in the tank today. Hopefully I can get this hip problem under control in the next few weeks, I would rather not jog anymore races.

The mens race as stacked, Travis just barely made the top ten, even after running a 30:40 on the roads the week before. 5 guys went under 30 minutes. Big race for the men.
As for the women, the lady that finished third was actually 50 years old. I looked her up and for the time she ran today, she would have been ranked 3rd in the world in 2007. I wa…


My hip really has not gotten any I was suppose to run mile reps at 10k pace...something that should not really irritate my butt. However, Houston pulled me after 3, he said I was running on my tip toes, my mechanics are horrible. After this weekend, I am taking two weeks of singles, just miles no workouts and maybe I can get this thing under control. Just as I sit here by butt is cramping up bad. I will just survive on saturday and hopefully I can get it control. I have almost two months where I do not need to race.

Well lets see... I guess I can post some training, it has not been awful....

Saturday: 10k race in Greenville (jogged entire thing because of hip) 1st
Sunday: AM: 60 min easy PM: 30min , 7min pace
Monday: 12.5 miles at 7:14 pace
Tuesday: AM 30min PM 35min with last mile doing strides w/o shoes on the turf room
Wednesday: 20 min warmup, 3x1 mile at 10k goal pace, 10 min c/d
( was suppose to be 5 but Im hurt and it was a bad day..could not even cool down..been having…


I have been having alot of problems with my left hamstring lately so I have not done anything of any significance lately, 2 weeks at around 60 miles, the reduced miles did not do anything but make me feel crappy and fat, so I am going back up to 75 ish.
I ran a low key 5k the other weekend, and it was horrible and last weekend I took travis to Oxford o race the Double decker. The course was not well marked and many were not at there posts so travis went over two minutes in the wrong direction. I was constantly turning around and yelling to the guy behind me. We ran terribly slow, (I did purposly because my hamstring was so tight I limped) and with all the confusion in which way to go all we really tried to do was win.....which was extremely easy. All we really have to do is show up and give a little effort in the next two races to win.

I starting going to a new doctor this week. hoefully that will …

update just to update

Really not much has been going on. Just a little busy at work and I have finals coming up, and a term paper to write. This week I have been told I need to take it easy, since I was around 80 miles last week and my legs have been useless....I need to find some new shoes to. I found some interesting ones for forefoot runners, there really expensive but I think I may try them out. I am running a low key 5k this weekend, kind of a time trial sort of, I ran it last year so I am going to run it this year and see if I have any improvement. Last year I was beat by two men so I want to win the whole thing.
I was so excited a female finally won biggest loser last night! Yeay for women!

Thursday: AM: 20-30minutes PM:70 minutes with stretch
Friday: AM 30 min, PM 2 mile warmup, 3 mile cood down, 5 mile tempo run (suppose to be 8 but I had some hamstring issues so Houston made me cut it short)
Saturday: AM: 80 minutes with last 5 miles at harder pace
Sunday: 1hr 41 minutes. felt awful the whole time

%&$# workout

Its not like I totally hate Mile repeats, but it is the workout that if your not fit enough to do, it would be better to not try. The workout went really well, accept for the 3rd interval where I just fell off the edge of the earth or something, I dont know.
Anyways I have been doing very little track work, at least from years prior, and not much under 10k pace or current 5k pace. So I had 4 by a mile at goal 5k pace, and it hurt! But I was happy with the results because this is the workout that always gets better after you get the first one out of the way.

Monday: AM: ligh Jog PM: 61minutes with last mile strides on the turf room, stretching and abs
Tuesday: AM: (ok like 10:40am but morning anyway) 15mw/u & 15mc/d 4X1 mile on the mugshots loop 5:38, 5:22, 5:40, 5:19 PM: 3 miles barefoot and medball circuit

The first mile was concervative on purpose, I had a head wind and lots of traffic, the third mile I was just to cautious through the intersections, but the 2nd mile and last I j…

Butt Cramp

Seriously, Any one that knows piraformis knows what I have been talking about. Its been acting up again, and yesterday during my long run it was so tight that I actually ran to the track, ran a few miles in the opposite direction, and had to run alot of trails. This morning It feels better, I have been using Blue Emu and a really strong anti-inflammatory that I used when I had the achilles problem last year. It makes me real tired but this morning I did a shake out and my legs felt fine.
I found a Duathalon (sp?) in Alabama, I am tempted to jump in it. I havent been on my bike in a while but I am pretty good on the bike. My biggest problem is that I get so sore if I try to ride it and run 70-80 miles a week. SO I dont ride it. And currently, there is a birds nest in my bike helmet and I made Houston Check last night and there are definetly baby birdys in I am not about to move it... I will just purchase a new helmet.

Sunday: 2hrs 12 minute run (17-18 miles) no idea how far I …

Back from New Orleans

So I talked Travis into running the New Orleans Track Club Bridge Run today. Of course, alot of pretty good runners showed up and I really had to work pretty hard. I was still destroyed from that half in Knoxville so I ran a piddling slow 18:00. A little upsetting but I banked a few bucks and got some cookies and Gumbo out of it. Travis was 2nd as well and had to work. It was a close race, I just couldnt seem to close the gap, basically we both kind of had the same problem, couldnt close the gap but I did not get any bigger. ANyways, he ran 15:05 not a bad morning, we jogged 4-5 miles got some diet coke and drove to the French Quarter to meet Lauren and her B/F for an au lait at Cafe De Monde. A very fun trip! I am so happy Travis drove with me.

I am going to work on getting my miledge back up to 80--85 for the next few weeks.
Tomorrows run will be super long, over 2 hours because I feel like I need to drain the tank...
Since las…

PR on the Mountains KNOXVILLE

3/123 Meggan Hodge-Franks 24 F Starkville MS USA 1:25:14
Wow make no mistake, knoxville is hilly as can be. AN the fact that I pr'd, 1:25.14, is fabulous.
For the next few months, probably no half marathon, only some 10ks and a couply 5ks. my legs are not to happy with the back to back weeks and I am starting to get fatiqued from the traveling.
Non the less, I made a few bucks, and I figure in a month or two I will find a course flat and fast and really light it up!
Results have not been posted yet, probably tomorrow or the next.
3rd women, not to shaby. Im still new at this long stuff. My hamstring cramped up again at the 10k mark, I think I am going to have the trainer take a look at it this week.
72miles concludes my down race week. Next weekend I may stay home and train but I am tempted to run this race I found in New Orleans.
Its a long ass way though and I dont know if its worth 500 bucks or not seeing as HOuston is out of town.
Im about to crash. been…

Ready for the Hills..........?

Houston is driving with me to KNoxville tomorrow night. I am starting to get a little nervous, its a big race and seeing as I have and elite entry I hope that I can get close to the start line. I mean this may be the biggest road race I have ever participated in. It is very exciting.

My legs have been funny all week but I have had a really great workout on wednesday. It went so well so I have been just running an hour plus morning run since then. So far this week....
Pm: Track workout, 2 mile warmup/ 2 mile cooldown, 2X800m in 2:41, 90 sec between, 3min jog up, 2X2miles at "half marathon goal pace" 12:24 (90 sec rest) 12:07 (3min run down) 4x400m in 78 w/ 2 min R.
AM: 22 minutes easy (lots of tests to study for)
PM: 58 minutes w/ last mile in turf room doing sprint diagnals w/ jog across
Friday: AM: 1 hour run relaxed

I could have destroyed the 4 miles in the middle but I really need to try and run comfortably hard. 6:10 pace is getting pretty easy t…

Tired Legs

Last week I ran close to 80miles from monday to sunday without a long run. Houston had me push my long run to monday, and I only had a few two a days, I averaged almost 9 miles per run which is good for me. However monday I went out and had this cramp in my calf after about the hour mark of my long run. I still felt pretty good regardless but it was difficult to keep my legs moving at a good pace.

So far since last thrusday...lets see....

Friday: AM: 72 minutes with Jen and Tiff, PM: 2 mile warmup and circuit
(I took some heavy duty medicine on friday night because I was not feeling well, it took away all my problems but I woke up in the morning and could not run, I could not get my heart rate up and my legs were all over the place so I tried to run the workout and I could hardly get out a 5:50 mile so I freaked out and told Houston I would run the workout in the after noon)
AM: 2 mile warm up/mile at 10k pace on track (re adjusted because of legs) mile cool down
PM: 2 mile warm u…


Its been a while since I have stepped on the track and thought to myself, "I just cant run anymore" eventually I hope to do 20X400m, but since my injury last year, the amount of speed work has been minimal, and 20X300m is really not even true speed work. Honestly, the fast 1500m I have ever run is 4:40, and the fastest 800m, around 2:20 during a 1000m split. I dont have a whole lot to work with but I have some.
So wednesday, which was yesterday Houston wanted me to do 15x400m, but the wind was so awful I really was not getting as much benefit sprinting for 200m and being pushed backwards for the other 200m. So we proceeded to do 20x300m and my legs were not to happy.
I had a 100m recovery jog that I was almost walking towards the end. Its not that the workout was to hard its that my legs were tying up, and I was only run 57's. It was demoralizing but the first few workouts like this always are and I have just got to get through them.

Wednesday: AM: 30min run Pm:15min warm u…

A New PR

Wow my first half, pretty impressed with myself, but now that I look back it was not terrible fast and it was not to difficult!
3 Meggan Franks 24 3 42:47 6:32 1:25:43 6:33 1:25:42 STARKVILLE MS

I did go out in a 6:04 mile, so I spent the last two miles trying to undo the damage of that, like 6:43 or so. SO really, take away the first mile and I did run faster during the second half of the race.
The dissapointing thing was I had not one to catch, Janet ran 114-115 and another lady ran 119-120 so I was alone, except for a man during the first half that ran behind me and fell off at about 5 miles, then another guy came up (really nice) and ran beside me for about a mile and behind me till about 12 and then I kicked like mad and dropped him. He was really helpful though, supposably there is this new race drink called HEED, yeah no idea what that was. People kept telling me "HEED" and I kept asking for gatorade...I kept telling them "this is water, I want gatorade!" Then …

Spring Break

While most of us are playing in the sun this spring break, I will be running. Last week I was about 75 miles, the week before, 77. This week really should not be above 70, however I have been waking up a little bit tight most mornings, and have had to move my primary sessions to the afternoon. This week will probably by 70 miles, that is if I slow down.

My first half of the year (13.1 miles) is Germantown in Memphis. I plan to run 1:24.?? which would be a time I should be very capable of running. Last year, my first and only half was Germantown, which I ran after being told by the doc that I had walking pneumonia.
Probably the stupidist thing I have ever done in my entire life. I ran 1:28.30. I was leading at about 5-6 miles and all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my lungs and I couldnt breath. I had been given three different inhalors, but I didnt have any of them with me during the race.
I fought for second the majority of the race and with 600 to go, I dropped to 3rd, I dont remem…